you have reached the website of derek boonstra, los angeles-based documentary filmmaker and freelance whateverer.

if you were seeking information about the australian derek boonstra who does kitchen remodels, the midwestern college student named derek boonstra who retweets ben shapiro and is super into cryptocurrencies, or the soccer-playing canadian accountant derek boonstra with an aunt named rita (who friended me on facebook and likes my posts even though she should know by now that i’m not her nephew (thanks, rita!)), then this is not the derek boonstra you are looking for.

but if you’d like more information about me, derek boonstra, then feel free to browse samples of my work, some photographs i’ve taken, and hidden links to random things at the tabs linked above.

and if you’re one of the aforementioned derek boonstras and are disappointed that you didn’t get this domain before me:  sorry, derek boonstra.

-derek boonstra